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Patience Makes Perfect
by Mary

It started on a beautiful morning in Pewter City. A morning I would never forget.. I was gonna get my first pokemon! Even though most kids start training at 10, I decided to study and begin my training at 15. That morning I ran up to Professor Harville’s pokemon research lab at 7:00 in the morning. I wanted to get the best pokemon there. I knocked on the door swiftly waiting for it to open.

“Hello Angie!” Prof. Harville greeted me at the door and let me in. “I suppose you’re here to get you starter pokemon right?” “Darn skippy!!” I replied happily.

“Well here you go.” She said smiling. I jumped with joy and I took the pokeball.

“This is so great! Pokeball go!” I threw the pokeball and as it hit the ground my eyes widened. Moments later I heard my first pokemon say its name...

“Magikarp, karp, karp, Magikarp....” it just flopped around saying that over and over.

I slowly turned my head to see Prof. Harville chuckling.”Is this some kind of joke?!” I wailed.

“No..” replied Prof. Harville through fits of laughter. ”You said you wanted the best and..heh, heh..I thought a Magikarp would…heh, heh, heh.. be great for you.” I let out an irritated sigh and called Magikarp back. Prof. Harville finally stopped laughing and picked up a few items up off a table. “Oh and before you leave heres a pokedex and some pokeballs.” Said Prof. Harville as she handed them to me. “Thanks..” I replied. Dustin, my rival, strutted happily in while walked sadly out.

I walked outside and all of my friends and family had gathered there. This was going to be embarrassing..... “So, what pokemon did you get?!” asked my Mother. “Here I’ll show you. Pokeball go.” I threw my pokeball and out came Magikarp. It flopped around a bit and everyone just starred at it, I guess they expected it to do something. Well I was about to call it back when Dustin, appeared right beside me.

“So you got a Magikarp huh? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” he laughed mockingly. ”Of course a looser like you would get a dumb pokemon like that, ha, ha, ha!” he kept laughing and suddenly I just couldn’t take it any more. I did the only logical thing to do, I snapped. I picked up Magikarp and beat Dustin in the head several times. Oh it was a beautiful sound. (”Ha, ha… *WACK!* ..Ouch!.. *THUD* ..Cut it out!.. *THUMP*”) You get the idea.

Well I was so mad I just called back Magikarp, grabbed my things and left.


I headed out to the Viridian Forest, thinking that it would be a good place to look for pokemon but I was very wrong.. “Hey Psychopath!” yelled an annoying voice. It could only belong to Dustin. “I am really angry at you for that stunt you pulled back there! I challenge you to a pokemon match!” he yelled. “Fine, fine. Go Magikarp.” I threw the ball and Magikarp flopped out. “Karp, karp!” It said happily. “Pokeball go!” yelled Dustin as she threw the ball…in a few short moments I saw who Magikarp was about to face.

“Electabuzz!!!” cried Dustin’s pokemon….I stared in shock..”How is it that I get a Magikarp and you get an Electabuzz?!” “Stop whining and fight! I be kind and let you get the first move.” Dustin said.

“Alright! Magikarp, splash!” Magikarp flopped around.

“Magikarp, tackle?" It still flopped around.

So I did what came naturally, I picked up Magikarp; and whacked Electabuzz on the head..

..big mistake.. “Get them Electabuzz!” commanded Dustin. Electabuzz was very happy to comply. About 30 min later after Electabuzz got tired from thrashing us I called Magikarp back and limped away. The Pokemon Centre was close so I didn’t have to limp to far.


I entered the large place and painfully walked up to the desk. “Nurse Joy? Please help out my pokemon.” I said weakly while dropping the pokeball on the table. Nurse Joy let my Magikarp out of its ball and frowned. “Oh my! How could you let this Magikarp get hurt so bad..” she would have finished but I had already passed on the floor. “Oh! How rude!” she remarked.


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